Dark Coffeedant

You are a floor judge on Day 1 of a Grand Prix, and round 3 just started. Alvaro pulls his playmat out of his backpack and sets it next to his coffee, which gets accidentally knocked over and spills on his deck. He calls for a judge immediately, and you take the call at 2 minutes into the start of the round. Alvaro tells you, “I just spilled coffee on my deck and I’m going to need new sleeves. Can I go buy them?” You tell him yes. 9 minutes later (11 minutes into the round), Alvaro returns with his deck re-sleeved and says, “Thanks, judge!” as he sits down to play. What do you do?

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There is no infraction. Alvaro asked for time and he has 10 minutes from the time of the request to purchase the things he needs, even if the request was made after the start of the round. Provide the table with a 9 minute extension.