Cry, Cry, Cry

You are the HJ of a Sealed PPTQ. Axl is playing with Norman. Axl is taking a mulligan to 4 while Norman kept his 7. Axl draws 4 and says “Keep, gonna Scry” and looks at 3 cards.

Norman asks him what is he doing and Axl answers “I Scry 3, one for each mulligan … right?”. Norman calls you after telling him that’s not how he should Scry after taking mulligans.

When you get to the table, they explain what’s happened and Axl apologizes because it’s his first tournament.

What do you do?

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The key thing for this scenario is this text from IPG:

Game Play Error — Mulligan Procedure Error
A player makes an error during the mulligan process. This infraction does not apply to errors made once pre-game procedures are complete. “Scrying” for more than one card after taking a mulligan is treated as a Hidden Card Error.

Axl has committed GPE-HCE, as the latest GPE-MPE clarifies, and he will receive a Warning for his infraction.
To fix the situation, Axl will show Norman the cards he looked while scrying, he will remove two excess cards, we will shuffle them into the library and Axl will finish resolving Scry with the remaining card. And of course, give extra time to players so that they can play 50 minutes.