Seeing Red

Anubis and Nefertiti are playing in an Amonkhet Sealed PPTQ. Anubis controls Hazoret’s Favor and Bloodrage Brawler. During his precombat main phase, Anubis casts and resolves Hyena Pack, then asks, “Can I declare my attackers?”
Nefertiti says, “Sure.”
Anubis taps the Bloodrage Brawler and the Hyena Pack and says, “Trigger. My Hyena Pack has haste and 2 extra power.” Nefertiti disagrees that the Hyena Pack should be allowed to attack and calls a judge.

What do you do?

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Following the most recent policy changes in the Magic Tournament Rules, this is not a missed trigger situation. Anubis has not committed an infraction, as per MTR section 4.2, in part:
“If the active player passes priority during their first main phase, the non-active player is assumed to be acting in beginning of combat unless they are affecting how or whether a beginning of combat ability triggers. However, if the non-active player takes no action, the active player has priority at the beginning of combat. Beginning of combat triggered abilities (even ones that target) may be announced after any non-active player action has resolved.”
Thus Anubis is allowed to communicate his target for Hazoret’s Favor after he passes priority to the opponent in the beginning of combat step. Nefertiti may interrupt Anubis’ shortcut if she wishes to, including with the Favor trigger on the stack. Otherwise, the Hyena Pack has +2/+0 and haste, and is attacking Nefertiti.