Don’t short-sleeve yourself!

Amy has sat down to play her round 1 match at a Sealed PPTQ against Neve and the round has just begun. Amy calls for a judge because she discovered that she has an extra card in her deck. She knows she has exactly 40 sleeves, but while sleeving, she ended up with an extra card. Amy isn’t sure what the extra card is, so you quickly find her decklist and verify that she registered 41 cards in her main deck. Amy doesn’t have any extra sleeves, and its now 4 minutes into the round. What do you do to get Amy and Neve playing, and what (if any) infractions and penalties apply?
This is not a Decklist Problem, as the deck that Amy is trying to play matches the decklist. Amy may know that she wanted to build a 40 card deck, but she both physically built a 41 card deck, and wrote that on her deck list. There is no infraction or penalty. Amy has 10 minutes to find a suitable sleeve, resleeve her deck, or otherwise make it ready to play. As an extra emphasis, we’re already a few minutes into this call, and a long time extension will be issued. Helping Amy resleeve is an excellent use of your time to help this match get started faster.
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