Mystic Snakes on a Plane

You are the Head Judge of a Eternal Masters Sealed Grand Prix Trial and are watching over one of the last games in Round 1. In Armin’s pre-combat main phase, he casts Rorix Bladewing. Nate exiles a Giant Tortoise from his hand and pays 1 life to cast his brand-new, pack-fresh, foil Force of Will, targetting Armin’s Rorix Bladewing. Armin picks up the foil Force of Will, looks directly at Nate, smirks and says ”You are one lucky motherf****r.” before carefully setting the card back down on his playmat and putting his Rorix Bladewing into his graveyard. Nate is visibly taken back at Armin’s statement and then looks at you. Should you do anything?

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Armin will be receiving a warning for Unsporting Conduct – Minor. His language was unacceptable, but it doesn’t go so far that we believe it would reasonably cause another person to feel threatened or bullied. His comment likely stems from a lack of education or a brief lapse in judgement. We should educate Armin that he should express his feelings less offensively and that those around him might find that language disruptive, especially if the store often has younger players and spectators.