Light in the Darkness

At a Modern PPTQ Atari is playing against Nintendo. On her first turn Atari plays an Island and passes the turn. Nintendo plays a Darksteel Citadel and a Lantern of Insight and passes after both players have revealed their top cards. During Nintendo’s end step Atari casts Thought Scour targeting herself, it resolves and she puts the top 3 cards into her graveyard, then flips the next card on top of her library, and then begins to draw that card. As she is drawing, Nintendo realizes what has happened, stops her and calls a Judge.

What do you do?

Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!

Atari receives a Warning for a Game Rule Violation. She has put an extra card into her graveyard with Thought Scour. As all the cards are revealed, almost drawing the top card is not an infraction.

Move the 3rd card put into the graveyard into Atari’s hand, make sure the card that Atari was about to draw is put back on top, and let the game continue.