Once again through the Grizzle

Andy is playing against Nole in a Competitive REL Legacy tournament, and controls a morph and a Grizzly Bears. During Andy’s declare attackers step Nole casts Murderous Cut targeting Grizzly Bears. Andy responds by paying Grim Haruspex‘s morph cost and turning it face up. Andy puts the Grizzly Bears into the graveyard and says “draw trigger”. Nole casts Collected Company in response, putting two creatures onto the battlefield. After Collected Company has resolved Andy passes the turn to Nole who realizes during his draw step that Andy forgot to draw a card and calls for a judge. What would you do?
Judges feel free to answer on Judge Apps!
Andy has acknowledged his trigger specifically by saying “draw trigger” so this is no longer Missed Trigger, but a Game Rule Violation for not resolving the trigger correctly. Andy receives a Warning for Game Rule Violation, and Nole a Warning for Failure to Maintain Game State. Use the approved partial fix from GRV to have Andy draw the card now.