Journey into Nyx – Prerelease Tips

Well, we’re fresh out of mechanics to go over, and we already covered the basic “here’s what to expect” on Tuesday. So what’s left to discuss today? The prerelease itself!

First off, you may find it very helpful to look into the Journey into Nyx Release Notes (formerly called the FAQ). This has some brief overviews on new and returning mechanics (like the articles we did this week), as well as single-card notes. Very  helpful if you’ve seen a confusing card and want to be sure how it works before the prerelease! That link can be found right here:

Next up, some general tips on how to enjoy your prerelease!

1) Judges are your friends. Sometimes newer players (or veteran players who are new to events) can be intimidated by judges- but they really shouldn’t be! Our whole entire job, the reason we’re at your event in the first place, is to make the tournament run smoothly and to make the day as enjoyable as we can for the players. If you have questions or concerns, your first instinct should be to ask a judge. Don’t know where the bathroom is? Ask a judge. Don’t know how two cards would interact? Ask a judge. Want to know when registration for 2HG will be? Ask a judge. Have a question about 2HG? Ask a judge. You get the picture- we’re happy to answer your questions, because that’s why we’re at the event!

2) Stay hydrated, stay fed. I’ve been on the wrong side of ‘enough water’ at an event before, and it leads to a very bad headache and a very bad day. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated, and either know where to get food nearby or bring snacks (if your venue allows them- check with your TO!).

3) Have fun! Prereleases are a laid back event- even more relaxed than FNMs, the vast majority of the time. Don’t be so concerned about perfect technical play, or optimal deck construction. It’s just for grins, so remember to have some fun. You’re also allowed, if not outright encouraged, to offer advice on deckbuilding to newer players. It’s a great way to foster communication and community in your area!

4) Call a judge. Yes, this is important enough to list twice. If you and your opponent can’t agree on how something should turn out, if you aren’t sure whether a combo works, if you want to double-check a play before you make it, call us! Stick your hand in the air, keep it there, and holler “Judge!” We’ll come help you out.

So, there you have it- stay hydrated, keep yourself fed, remember that Judges are your friends, and above all- have fun. I hope all of you wonderful readers have a fantastic prerelease weekend, and that you make plenty of awesome memories and/or plays and/or friends! Happy spellslinging.

Today’s Prerelease Tip Written by Trevor Nunez

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