Bile Blight and Face-Down Creatures

Amidst all the Dragons of Tarkir spoilers, this week we’ll be going over some “current” stuff for our Rules Tips! Be on the lookout for our Prerelease Primer next week, but for now, we’ll be going over Standard interactions! The first we’re gonna deal with is Bile Blight, everyone’s favorite Saproling murdering spell. Bile Blight will shrink the targeted creature, and everything that shares a name with it. Now, there’s been some confusion about this because of the “overlay” cards that WotC packages in the Fate Reforged and Khans of Tarkir packs- the little Morph and Manifest ‘tokens’ meant to help players keep the game state clear. While those little overlays say “Morph” and “Manifest” on them, they aren’t named. In fact, face-down cards have no name whatsoever, along with having no abilities and no subtypes or mana cost. While the overlays make it look like Bile Blight will be a blowout, hitting 3 creatures named Morph, it’ll only kill one- because the creatures don’t have names at all. They can’t share a name with the targeted creature if they don’t HAVE a name! So no matter how many face-down creatures your opponent controls, no matter how many are Morphs or Manifests or what-have-you, a Bile Blight is only going to take one of them out. Better stick with Drown in Sorrow or Death Frenzy!

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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