Nahiri: You Choose the Zone on Resolution

I hope everyone has been enjoying all the new Commander cards and the new abilities that have come with them. One of the more exciting of these new cards is Nahiri, The Lithomancer– She gets you value through tokens and Equipment and she is really fun to play. But here is a situation: You have a Batterskull in your hand and a Sword of Fire and Ice in your graveyard. You activate Nahiri’s second loyalty ability and say you want your Sword back. In response an opponent exiles your graveyard with a Relic of Progenitus. After the graveyard has been removed from the game and Nahiri’s ability starts to resolve, are you able to put your Batterskull into play? The simple answer is yes. Nahiri’s ability does not target, meaning no choice is made until the ability resolves. So despite your earlier comment, the choice of which Equipment to grab is not made until the ability is resolved.

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Daniel Clarke

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