Scrap Mastery vs. Grafdigger’s Cage

You’ve got a graveyard stacked full of artifact creatures and a Scrap Mastery in your hand. Your opponent has a Grafdigger’s Cage on the battlefield. What happens? Will your spell exile all your good cards in your graveyard and leave you with nothing? Nope! Fortunately for you, Grafdigger’s Cage does not care about stuff coming from exile, which is the zone they are coming from upon the resolution of Scrap Mastery. Let’s break this down further:

  • Scrap Mastery starts to resolve
  • All artifacts in all graveyards are exiled
  • All artifacts on the battlefield are sacrificed
  • All artifacts that were placed into exile by Scrap Mastery are then put onto the battlefield under their owner’s control

The artifacts were moved on to the battlefield from exile rather than the graveyard. Thanks to this scenic detour into the Blind Eternities, you’ll get all your artifacts from the graveyard back into play- but so will your opponents. As for the artifacts you had in play before Scrap Mastery was cast, welp, C’est la vie. Hope it’s worth the trade!

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Daniel Clarke


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