Transformers! How to transform Chandra.

Chandra, Fire of KaladeshChandra, Roaring Flame

Hi everyone, and welcome back. Let’s dive right in today, and talk about today’s creature/planeswalker, Chandra.

Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh is able to transform into Chandra, Roaring Flame if you activate Chandra’s activated ability and have dealt 3 or more damage with Chandra this turn. Note that this doesn’t just count damage from Chandra’s activated ability: if you attack with Chandra, she deals damage without dying, then you untap Chandra and activate her ability, that’s a total of 3 Chandra-damage this turn, which will trigger her transformation.

If you have multiple red spells, you can also cast one, let Chandra’s trigger resolve to untap her, then tap her to activate her ability, then respond with a red instant in response. Even if Chandra will exile and return transformed after one of the activations resolves, the other activations will still resolve and will still deal their damage to the opponent. Chandra, Roaring Flame will be unaffected by those triggers, since she is a different permanent because she left the battlefield and returned (so you can’t get Chandra to transform back into her creature version this way).

Alright, four down, one to go! Join me again later today when we talk about Nissa.

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Nathan Long

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