Prerelease Week! Perhaps You’ve Met My Cohort?

Welcome back to the final day of the Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease Week! Today we’re covering the final mechanic of the set, so you can go to your prereleases this weekend (or tonight, if there’s some midnight events in your area) armed with knowledge. Cohort is similar to Landfall and Constellation- it’s actually what we call ability words: they mean nothing rules-wise, but exist to lump together thematically similar abilities. With Landfall, the common thread was “lands entering the battlefield under your control”, but what each Landfall card DID varied from card to card. With Cohort, the common thread is that all the Cohort abilities have the same cost: Tapping the creature with Cohort, and then also tapping an untapped Ally creature that you control. The second Ally can be brand new- you can tap it even if it has summoning sickness (but the creature with Cohort needs to NOT have summoning sickness). It also has to be your creature that you tap; you can’t “borrow” your teammate’s ally to turn Cohort on during a 2HG game.

With that, we’ve covered all the new mechanics! If you need a refresher, just read over the last 4 articles from this week. Hopefully you have an awesome week full of good friends, good fun, and good pulls!

Today’s Prerelease Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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