Chandra’s Revolution and Illegal Targets

What’s the best way to take down an oppressive, metal-armed and invention-stealing jerk? Revolution! Even better than a regular Revolution is a mother-daughter, back-to-back Revolution (check the art for Chandra’s Revolution and [/card]Pia’s Revolution[/card]!). Today we’re talking specifically about Chandra’s Revolution, a sorcery that messes up tempo and blasts a creature right in its blastable face. Chandra’s Revolution, you may notice, has two targets: the targeted creature for aforementioned faceblasting, and the targeted land. That means you need to have a legal target for both parts to cast it- if you REALLY want to lock down your opponent’s Needle Spires so they can’t attack you with it next turn, but they have no creatures, you either have to blast one of your own (if you have one!) or go without. Ditto for the other way around, but it’s rare that your opponent will have creatures with no land. Remember that Revolution doesn’t need to target an UNTAPPED land, just any old land will do- and even if you target an already-tapped land, it’ll still lock that land down from untapping!

But what happens if you start with your two targets, but one becomes illegal? Maybe your opponent sacrifices their creature in response, or gives it Hexproof. So long as your spell has at least one legal target left, it’ll still resolve and do everything that it can. So, if the previously-legal creature is no longer legal, Revolution will shrug and move right along to tapping the land. The opposite is also true- if the land is no longer a legal target as Revolution begins to resolve, it’ll blast the creature for 4 damage, then shrug when it can’t find the land and just finish resolving. In THIS case, it will neither tap the land, nor lock it down (so if your opponent somehow gave their land Hexproof or Protection from Red, neither of those bits would happen to it!). Of course, if BOTH targets become illegal, the whole spell is countered by the rules of the game and none of its effects happen.

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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