Our Team

Josh Stansfield – bimmerbot
Josh is a level 3 judge from Mission Viejo, California who is a mainstay of the 24/7 Rules Chat when he has the time. He is the editor for the content in this blog and leads the Rules Tips Blog team. He’s also a member of the Magic Judges Knowledge Pool team.

Jason Lemahieu – Lems
Lems is a level 5 judge from Madison, WI. In addition to head judging at Pro Tours and Grands Prix, he helps manage a lot of technology-related projects.


The regularly contributing members of the Rules Tips Blog team are:

Trevor Nuñez
Level 2 Judge
Roswell, New Mexico

Trevor is second-in-command on the blog. He’s been part of the project ever since Josh took over, and he occasionally takes over when Josh isn’t able to keep up. Also, he’s an overall good dude!

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke
Level 2 Judge
Honolulu, Hawaii

Jen Wong small

Jennifer Wong
Level 2 Judge
Irvine, California

Nathan Long
Level 2 Judge
Durango, Colorado


And a special thanks to our translators for the Rules Tips en Español!

Of course, these are just the contributors to this particular site. The Magic Judge Program is made up of over 6,000 judges who help run Magic events in communities around the world! Interested in becoming a judge? Learn more here.

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