Scrying forever (it’s now an evergreen keyword ability!)

Scry is now a keyword you can expect to see in pretty much every set going forward. Get a refresher on how it works!

How Menace works.

Learn how an old idea has been turned into a much more efficient keyword with Menace!

How Spell mastery works.

Today we explain the details of Spell Mastery!

Renown and You

Today we explain how Renown works!

Magic Origins Spoiler! Hallowed Moonlight

Let’s jump right into today’s spoiler! Stick around after the preview to see how it interacts with some common things, though! So how does our new card work against things? Well, let’s go over it! Tokens: Even though you’re probably …

Transformers! How to transform Nissa.

Hi everyone, and we’re back! Let’s get right to it and talk about our final creature/planeswalker, Nissa! Nissa, Vastwood Seer will transform into Nissa, Sage Animist, if you play a land and you control seven or more lands after that …
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Transformers! How to transform Chandra.

Hi everyone, and welcome back. Let’s dive right in today, and talk about today’s creature/planeswalker, Chandra. Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh is able to transform into Chandra, Roaring Flame if you activate Chandra’s activated ability and have dealt 3 or more …
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Transformers! How to transform Kytheon/Gideon

Welcome back. I know, it’s weird. It’s the weekend, and we’re updating! It’s not what you’re used up. But creatures transforming into planeswalkers is also weird, and we’re just so excited about these new planeswalkers that we want to talk …
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Transformers! How to transform Jace.

Here we talk about how to get your creature Jace to turn into planeswalker Jace.
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Transformers! How to transform Liliana.

Read here for a general overview of the transforming planeswalkers coming up in Magic Origins, and specifically how to transform Liliana.
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