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Blood Scrivener vs. Spirit of the Labyrinth

Spirit of the Labyrinth is pretty straightforward, but can be a bit confusing when it comes to multiple draws and replacement effects like Blood Scrivener's ability. Learn some interesting rules stuff in today's explanation!
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Blood Scrivener and Miracles – It has to really be the first card.

Miracle states it only applies to the FIRST card you draw each turn. Really, the first one. Whenever Magic involves drawing cards, it’s actually done as individual actions, so when it says to draw 3, it means “draw 1, draw …

Blood Scrivener and “Draw two cards” effects.

Card drawing can be a pain. Well, more specifically, black card drawing can be a pain. Black has a long history of letting you draw cards for life. From cards like Necropotence to Phyrexian Arena to Sign in Blood, black …