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Elite Arcanist’s ability can trigger Young Pyromancer or Guttersnipe.

Today, for our Hump Day tip, we’re going to be looking at a Magic 2014 card with some potential: Elite Arcanist. The ability to repeatedly cast an instant is a powerful effect, and it has some synergy with some standard-legal …
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Guttersnipe won’t trigger if you sacrifice it to cast Fling or Launch Party

It’s quite possible that you might end up having Guttersnipe and plenty of support for it in a Limited deck. Maybe you put in Launch Party for some removal, and the time comes that you have to cast that Launch …

Guttersnipe will deal damage before the spell that triggered it resolves.

Quite a few cards in Return to Ravnica trigger when you cast a spell of some sort, and Guttersnipe is one that a lot of people are rather excited to build around. He turns all of your spells into burn, …
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