You can’t show or tell your draft picks during a draft, ever.

All tournaments are governed by the all knowing Magic Tournament Rules, no matter what type of tournament you’re in. As long as they are DCI sanctioned, they are bound by the rules laid out there. The 55-page document might be a long one, but if you’re into any type of sanctioned Magic (even FNM is sanctioned!), giving this a once-over is not a bad idea.

There is a section (7.7 for all interested) that lists out the draft procedures. Stuff such as “remove the token/advertisement card and non-foil basic land from the pack” and “Pass left, then right then left!” are listed in here.

There is a paragraph in there that clearly states that contents of the pack and your picks are hidden, sealed, sacred, never to be talked about during the draft. I don’t always quote documents, but when I do…

“Players are not permitted to reveal hidden information of any kind to other participants in the draft regarding their own picks or what they want others to pick.” (there’s a small exception for double faced cards, just due to their nature)

There. It cannot be any clearer. It’s set in stone. You can’t talk about how you can’t believe that ___ card is still there. You can’t talk about how this card is so awesome/awful and you have how many in your deck. You can’t talk about colors you’re in or not in. You can’t even really talk about how bad or good your deck is coming along. Nothing, nada, if you don’t know if what you’re talking about is banned or not, just don’t do it. (Technically, you can’t speak at all while drafting, though this is generally relaxed a bit for Regular REL).

What about at the comforts of your own store? A more applicable document is a little guide called “Judging at Regular” (JAR for short). This document also states, under General Unwanted Behaviour, that “Asking for, or providing, strategic advice during a tournament match or booster draft” can be issued with a Game Loss after sufficient warnings. The consequences can still be as severe! So don’t think just because it’s “for fun” that some specific Tournament rules don’t apply!

So please don’t do it. If you do, we judges reserve the right to shoot you with nerf guns (ar at least scold you menacingly at Regular REL, then Game Loss you after sufficient scoldings, and apply more impactful penalties at Comp/Pro REL). Also, it’s just good etiquette and sportsmanship!

Today’s Tournament Tip written by Eddie Cheung

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