Voice of Resurgence makes tokens that are always changing size.

Voice of Resurgence is a card that doesn’t seem to have immediate appeal in standard, but is already having an effect in formats like Modern and Legacy. It punishes players who wait for your turn to play a spell, and it replaces itself if and when it dies. But how big can those tokens get? Does it just count how many creatures you control when the token enters the battlefield, or does its power and toughness fluctuate?

The answer is the latter. The power and toughness of the tokens change as creatures come under your control or leave your control. So why does it work this way? Rather than the Voice’s triggered ability defining what the power and toughness of the token is, the Voice’s ability gives the token the ability that defines the token’s power and toughness. Since the token has the ability, the power and toughness are constantly re-evaluated; it’s not locked in when the token enters the battlefield. So if you think your opponent’s 1/1 token they get after you cast a Supreme Verdict won’t be a threat, you might be wrong.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Nathan Long

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