When Bestow Creatures Can Attack

A misconception I’ve seen a lot of is players thinking that once a noncreature permanent becomes a creature, it gains summoning sickness until it’s been a creature for a turn. That’s simply not true! The rules don’t care how long a permanent has been a creature, just how long you’ve controlled that specific permanent. So for example, if you put a Boon Satyr onto one of your creatures at the end of your opponent’s turn, and the creature dies before combat on your very next turn, the Boon Satyr can attack! It’s only been a creature for less than a turn, sure- but the rules see that you’ve controlled the permanent since the beginning of this turn, and that’s A-OK. It’s still the same object, it just looks different than it used to is all. The same is true of the manlands from back in the day (Treetop Village, Raging Ravine, etc), or the Keyrunes that we have today. So long as you’ve had the permanent under your control since the beginning of your most recent turn, it can attack. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been a creature!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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