It’s a Conspiracy (week)! Conspiracy Legality

Yes, even during Conspiracy week, we conspire to bring you tournament tips on Tuesday (I just couldn’t fit all that mess into the header, is all). Conspiracy has lots of new cards among the fun old reprints (Hi, Brainstorm!), and probably the most interesting among them are the new Conspiracy cards themselves. But as we touched on yesterday, don’t go looking for a pile of Worldknits and Power Plays for your Standard deck or your GP weekend- they won’t be allowed!

Save for 13 cards, all the new cards in Conspiracy are legal in Legacy and Vintage. Which 13 are banned? The Conspiracies themselves! They were specifically designed for the drafting format- some of them flat out don’t work in a Constructed game, while the rest just weren’t ever made with that in mind- so don’t try! Leave your Conspiracies at home.

As for the other cards, the reprints are still as legal as they were three weeks ago. Conspiracy is a summer multiplayer set- it isn’t part of our normal set rotation, so none of the reprints have become legal in new sets. You aren’t gonna be casting Swords to Plowshares or Exploration in Modern, and you aren’t gonna be Brainstorming in Standard. Sorry! As of this post’s writing, there is currently a glitch on Gatherer that incorrectly says the Conspiracy set is legal in Modern and Standard- this is a GLITCH. It is known to the DCI and to WotC, it is incorrect, your Judge will ignore and overrule it, and it will be fixed. Don’t try to be cute!

Today’s Tournament Conspiracy Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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