It’s a conspiracy (week)! How to use Lore Seeker

Let’s keep the ball rolling on our Conspiracy week! One of the many cards in Conspiracy that messes with the drafting process itself is Lore Seeker. In a normal draft, each player receives the same mix of 3 packs, and everyone drafts as normal- take a pick, pass the rest, repeat. Lore Seeker throws a fun little wrench into that finely tuned machine- by letting you add a booster pack of your choice to the draft right then and there!

So, a few things. First off- you need to actually HAVE a pack. Your shop owner isn’t likely going to donate a free pack to the draft, so if you’re hoping to find a Lore Seeker be ready with an extra pack! Second, it doesn’t need to be a Conspiracy pack- you are completely allowed to bring pretty much whatever pack you want (since Conspiracy drafts can’t be sanctioned, you can do whatever you want, mostly! I’d double-check with your draft partners before touching an Unhinged pack, though).

Third- how does it actually WORK? Well, you take Lore Seeker, and you reveal it to the rest of your drafting opponents. After that, you pass the pack Lore Seeker was in to the next player, as normal. But instead of taking the pack passed to you by the person on your other side, you open the NEW pack you chose, take a pick from there, and pass that. Then you take the original pack. So, effectively, you just insert an extra pack into the whole ‘rotation’. It is entirely possible that because of your interference, some players will have more cards in their pool than other players- that’s normal, don’t fret about that.

BONUS INTERACTION: Lore Seeker + Agent of Acquisitions is a non-bo OR a combo, depending on how you time it! If you use Agent to draft the entire pack that Lore Seeker is in, you’ll sit out the booster pack you open- meaning you’ll open it and pass it, but not take any cards from it! If you use Agent on the pack you open, though, you’ll get to keep those cards. So be careful about acquiring your sought-after lore!

Today’s Conspiracy Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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