Kruphix and Mana Restrictions

Kruphix, God of Horizons is a very powerful card. As a result, many people are using him as their commander in the Commander format. One thing that can be confusing is how he interacts with special lands.

Sometimes, permanents can create mana with restrictions. They could be as simple as “This mana can only be spent on a cost with X” to something as complicated as “Can only be spent to activate the ability of an elemental creature.”

Kruphix has the ability to make sure that mana does not empty the mana pool. In the process, He makes the mana become colorless. This change to the mana does not remove any restrictions.

In short, you will still have the limits on the mana, where it can be spent and on what, but it will be colorless. For example, if you use Ancient Ziggurat to float mana and it ends up colorless, that mana can still only be used for creatures- it’s still the same mana, Kruphix just made it colorless. So if you plan on using a bunch of wacky stuff in your Kruphix deck, you may want to bring a pen and paper to keep track!

Today’s Rules Tip Written by James Arriola

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