Tournament Tuesday: How To Report A Third-Game Concession

Welcome back everyone. Today, we’re going to have a brief discussion about conceding in a tournament. And no, it’s probably not the topic you’re thinking about. We’re going to discuss what result is going to be reported when a player does concede.

When you’re reporting the results of a match, you need to take into account all of the games that were played. If you’re in game three of a match and you concede the match to your opponent, you need to report the match as a 2-1 win for your opponent. You cannot report the results of the match as 2-0, because you and your opponent played three games. As much as you might want to help your opponent’s tiebreakers, you need to report all of the games you played with your opponent. This doesn’t matter too much (it mostly will only affect tiebreakers), but do keep that in mind when you’re finishing up your match: even if you concede, you need to record all of the games that happened in the match.

Similarly (while we’re vaguely in this topical area!), an Intentional Draw absolutely must be reported as 0-0-3. It doesn’t matter how many games were actually played, who won what- even if your opponent actually crushes you 2-0 and then offers the draw, it must be reported as 0-0-3.

Today’s Tournament Tip written by Nathan Long

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