Worst Fears Can’t Force a Concession!

Being controlled by another player is often one of their Worst Fears. I mean, you can pretty much do anything they could normally do. You can make them Lightning Strike themselves in the face, you can make their 1/1 attack into your untapped 5/5, and you can have them bestow their Boon Satyr onto your creatures, you can look at their hand and their sideboard too! But there’s one thing you can’t make your opponent do, and that’s concede the game.

Sure, controlling an opponent’s turn can set you up so you can win the game by using their resources against them and making them make poor choices. You can make them do anything that they could normally do within the game, but you can’t just make them concede the game. If you could, then it would literally turn into an instant “I win” card, because the first thing you would do once you have control of their turn in most cases would be to make them concede and lose the game. So I guess you’ll just have do it the hard way and use their own cards against them.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Nathan Long

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