Garruk’s Packleader Doesn’t Trigger from Nissa, Worldwaker

New sets usually mean new planeswalkers, and Magic 2015 is no exception! Alongside a fifth Ajani, we also got a new Garruk, and a new Nissa! We last saw Nissa Revane a few years ago in Zendikar, where she was hanging out with her elf-buddies and accidentally freeing world-devouring abominations from the beginning of creation. But apparently since then, she’s found some new hobbies: hobbies involving lands! Her new card, Nissa, Worldwaker does some fun stuff with lands. She untaps forests, she animates lands, and for her ultimate, she finds AND animates lands!

Now, let’s see how New Nissa plays with one of Garruk’s old pals: Garruk’s Packleader. This not-so-little guy rewards green mages by feeding them card draws when they play big dudes. Seems great, right? Use Nissa to make a new 4/4 beater every turn and draw a card for effectively free? Sadly, it’s too good to be true. Packleader only triggers when a sufficiently large creature enters the battlefield under your control. Nissa’s +1 doesn’t make a creature enter the battlefield- all it does is give legs to your lands. It’s still the same land, it’s BEEN on the battlefield, so it doesn’t trigger Packleader. Ah- but what about her ultimate, you might ask? It puts land-guys onto the battlefield! The thing is- no, it doesn’t, unfortunately! When you fire off her ultimate, you search up some basic lands and throw them onto the battlefield. THEN you animate them. When they entered the battlefield, they weren’t creatures yet, so Packleader couldn’t care less how big and buff they are now! You’ll just have to get by with your Nissa-powered mana acceleration and all your 4/4 beaters, I suppose.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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