Ashiok and Perilous Vault: Control Synergy

That’s right! MORE SYNERGY! Control decks might have a hard time dealing with swarms of creatures, so they tend to play board-wipe spells like Crux of Fate or End Hostilities (Damnation, we hardly knew ye…). But wiping the board doesn’t do you much more than buy time if you don’t have a threat of your own! Luckily, Planeswalkers live through most board-wipes, generating value all over that empty board. But sometimes, you want a quicker win. Enter this synergy! Let’s say you have a Perilous Vault and an Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver with some big beatstick exiled under it. You’d like to kill your opponent with their own creature, but need to clear a path first. Just activate Ashiok’s -X ability, and respond to it by activating your Vault. Vault’s ability will resolve and exile all nonland permanents, and THEN Ashiok’s ability will drop your stolen creature onto a very empty board, facing down a very unhappy opponent. Happy times for you, though!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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