Modern Masters Week: Hurkyl’s Recall and Control Changing

Welcome to the final day of Modern Masters week! Today we’ll be covering a bit of a corner case interaction, but a fun one. There’s a good chunk of artifacts in this set (after all, Metalcraft is a draft archetype), and we also have anti-Robots all star Hurkyl’s Recall. For the low, low cost of 1U, you can bounce all of target player’s artifacts right to their hand! All it takes is 2 artifacts for this to be one heck of a Boomerang effect. But Recall also has a second use: getting your stuff back. There’s not a ton of ways for your opponents to steal your cards in Modern Masters, but there are some. So let’s say your opponent has used Puppeteer Clique to steal your awesome artifact creature, and he’s planning on attacking you with it and then exiling it! All you have in hand is a Hurkyl’s Recall. You can simply target yourself with that Recall, and it’ll return all the artifacts you own to your hand- including the one your opponent currently controls! It might cost you a few guys on the board, though. Likewise, if YOU’VE stolen your opponent’s artifact, and need to use Recall to clear his board, be aware that he’s gonna get his artifact back from you (to his hand, but still he has it back!).

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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