Magic Origins Spoiler! Hallowed Moonlight

Let’s jump right into today’s spoiler! Stick around after the preview to see how it interacts with some common things, though!


So how does our new card work against things? Well, let’s go over it!

  • Tokens: Even though you’re probably casting a spell that makes tokens (Lingering Souls, Raise the Alarm, etc), the tokens themselves are not cast. As such, Hallowed Moonlight will stop ANY kind of creature tokens from entering the battlefield.
  • Reanimation: Typically, most reanimation will get shut down since it’s trying to put the creature directly onto the field. Some cards such as Gravecrawler and Haakon, Stromgald Scourge are actually CAST from the graveyard, so Moonlight won’t stop them.
  • Direct-to-Battlefield: Shut down! Things like Elvish Piper and Aether Vial that try to put creatures straight onto the battlefield get pretty well turned off by Moonlight. Note that in these cases, you must cast Hallowed Moonlight before the spell or ability that would put down the creature resolves. If you wait long enough for them to be choosing a creature to put out, it’s too late to stop it. And if you DO cast Hallowed Moonlight in response, the opponent will have the choice to NOT put out a creature care from their hand (even if they have one in hand), rather than exiling a card for no particular reason! The only way to get around Moonlight is to cast the creature, fair and square. (Though if you cast it for free, such as via Cascade, that’ll get around Moonlight too. Point is, you need to cast it!)

And a quick little list of how Moonlight works in today’s metagames!

  • Standard: Who knows what will be relevant once Origins is part of Standard, but for the current Standard, this is especially strong against Collected Company, and can help save you a bit against Deathmist Raptor‘s graveyard trigger.
  • Modern: Since Moonlight stops tokens, it is a total lifesaver against Splinter Twin, as well as stopping Lingering Souls (for a turn). It also prevents reanimation, so if you respond to a Goryo’s Vengeance or Through the Breach, your opponent isn’t getting their Griselbrand after all! It also stops Aether Vial, as discussed above.
  • Legacy: Hallowed Moonlight works almost the same as Containment Priest, so it’ll work in the same matchups Containment Priest does. It stops reanimation and Vials and Show and Tell just fine. UNLIKE Priest, it also stops tokens, but that’s more of a nice bonus than anything.
  • Commander: Makes token decks cry, and can be used as a one-time blowout against reanimation! Same as Legacy, it stops everything Containment Priest does, and also stops tokens. I’m not looking forward to someone dropping a Hallowed Moonlight in response to my Storm Herd

Today’s Spoiler Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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