Repeal and Precursor Golem

Precursor Golem has an interesting effect- and in Magic, interesting often means confusing. With cards like Repeal floating around, players might get a little hungry thinking about bouncing their opponent’s Precursor team with a single card. Not so fast! As Precursor Golem states, the spell is copied for each Golem that spell could target. Repeal specifically hits a target with a certain CMC- not that CMC or LOWER. Meaning if you aim it at a 0 CMC token it won’t hit the Precursor, and if you aim an X=5 Repeal at the Precursor, it won’t hit the tokens. Your best bet is paying 0 and hitting both tokens. Should you hit the main body, you most likely won’t have any other 5 CMC golems to target anyway, so just take the 2-for-1 and draw your cards.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Rules Tip! Written by Daniel Clarke

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