Scrying forever (it’s now an evergreen keyword ability!)

Scry has been given an upgrade in the world of Magic- It is now an “Evergreen” ability. This means we can now expect to see it in any set moving forward. It is on the same level as flying, trample, haste, etc.

Just as a refresher, let’s look into the mechanic Scry. As you probably know, to Scry means to look at the top N (number of) cards and place them back in any order on the top and/or the bottom of your library. Some may go on top and/or the bottom.

When you use a card with Scry on it, it is vital that you perform the instructions on that card in the order they are printed. If it says Draw 2 cards, then Scry 2, you may not Scry 2 then draw. If Scry appears on a card with one or more targets, at least one of those targets must still be legal for the card to resolve. If it does not meet this criterion, then the Scry will not take place because the spell will be countered. This is similar to Scry being an enter-the-battlefield trigger on a creature; you won’t Scry if the creature is countered.

One more note on Scry: the number of cards you put on top and/or bottom is information the opponent is entitled to. If they ask after you finish because you didn’t announce it, you have to let them know. (e.g., one top, one bottom; or both bottom; etc.). If a bunch has happened since then and you can’t remember, then that’s ok. They should have asked right away!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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