Multiple Thunderbreak Regents all trigger from one being targeted.

We’ve got a short but good one to round out the week. Put simply, Thunderbreak Regents work very well together. Whenever one of them (or any other of your Dragons on the battlefield) becomes the target of a hostile spell or ability, all of the Regents will react in concert to dish out a blast of lightning to your foe. Because they each trigger separately, you’ll get to choose in which order you want to resolve their abilities, too, which matters if any of them have abilities that care about dealing damage. For instance, if one of your Thunderbreak Regents has gained lifelink, that 3 damage will gain you 3 life, but the others will not.

That wraps up this week of Magic Rules Tips, and we’ll be dispensing more knowledge next week!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Jen Wong

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