Containment Membrane on Endbringer is less effective than you might like.

A Containment Membrane and Endbringer walk into a bar… Never mind, that joke is as bad as the membrane is on an Endbringer. See, Membrane only cares about its controller’s untap step, not its opponent’s. What does that mean? It means Endbringer is going to be bringing the end when it untaps despite the enchantment.

Today’s tip is a short one so let’s delve into the importance of it. Magic rules are pretty straightforward most of the time. If you remember to read your cards, you will almost always come to the correct answer. In an example, if Membrane said “enchanted creature can’t untap” it would be a whole different situation. It is up to you to read what your cards do. So if you don’t want your opponent’s Endbringer attacking when you thought it wasn’t going to, read your cards and make a different play!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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