PSA: How to handle a draft with DFCs!

Don’t worry about it. Just draft. I promise it will be ok!

Best practices:

  • Have players reveal the DFCs when they open each booster for a few seconds, so players can look around.
  • Remind players to put each pick on the top of thier single face-down pile, which will make any drafted DFCs visible for others to see if they care about it.

Q. What about [various hypothethical issues] that might come up??

They won’t.

Q. But seriously, what if they do??

Seriously, they won’t. If you run into something strange, do what you think makes sense for your players. If you get stuck on something that actually happens, hop on to for policy questions and answers.

Trust me! There was already a whole block with DFCs, which was frequently drafted, and the feared problems just never actually came up.

And remember: Don’t worry. Just have fun!

Today’s PSA written by Josh Stansfield
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