Emrakul and End of Round Procedures!

Welcome back to the Post Pro Tour Week! Today we’re going over another bit of Emrakul, the Promised End: her extra turn creation! Specifically we’ll be going over how it works in the context of the End of Round Procedures at a sanctioned event. As you probably know, sanctioned events usually have timed rounds, and if you’re still playing when time is called, the game goes into Extra Turns. Whoever’s turn it is when time runs out is “Turn 0”. The next turn to be taken is Turn 1, then Turn 2, etc, up until Turn 5. If nobody has won by the end of Turn 5, that game is a draw!

Normally this setup gives each player 3 turns; one player has turns 0, 2, and 4, while the other has turns 1, 3, and 5. However, there are only ever those 5 turns. That means that if an extra turn effect happens, it’ll disrupt the ‘symmetry’ of the turns. That’s where Emrakul comes in! If you drop an Emrakul on, say, your turn 1 out of the 5 turns, you’ll control your opponent during their Turn 2. After that, they’ll take… turn 3! That leaves you taking Turn 4, and them taking Turn 5. You technically only get Turn 1 and Turn 4, while they got 0, 2, 3, and 5. Still only 5 turns, so be careful! This also applies to any ‘extra turn’ effects; if you stick a Part the Waterveil during the extra turns at the end of the round, you’ll get your extra turn and that counts as 1 of the 5.

Today’s Tournament Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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