Ending Turns Gloriously with Glorious End

Welcome back! Today we’re going over a nifty new mythic: Glorious End. What does it do? Well, it ends the turn! Unlike the last few effects to do this (namely Day’s Undoing and Sundial of the Infinite), this can be done during someone else’s turn, if you’d like. It can be used as a pseudo-counterspell or Stifle, since ending the turn exiles everything currently on the stack, which is the primary use Sundial had (you can even use it during your End Step to stop “at the beginning of the next end step” triggers dead in their tracks!). But because this is an Instant and not limited to your turn, you can also use it during your opponent’s turn! The dirtiest option is to slam it down during their Upkeep step, skipping almost their entire turn and putting it right back into your hands; they’ll get to untap their stuff, but they won’t get to draw or play a land drop. That’s a huge tempo swing- which is why you need to make that turn count, because Glorious End will also create a delayed trigger that kills you at the beginning of your next end step. But, that too can be avoided! If you have more copies of Glorious End, you can use them to exile that “you lose” trigger by ending the turn (though they’ll set up a new trigger to kill you NEXT turn), or use Disallow to save yourself. You can also use something like Platinum Angel or the emblem of Gideon of the Trials to save yourself; the trigger will resolve and tell you to lose, but you literally can’t. So, like casting Doom Blade on an indestructible creature, the instruction happens, does nothing, and the game moves on. It won’t linger around in wait. Armed with that knowledge, seek out a Glorious End to your games- preferably one YOU live through!

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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