Fumigate and Kalitas

Yesterday, we talked a bit about Kalitas (and it was somewhat complicated!), and we’re still talking about that Zombie-making Vampire everyone loves, but it’ll be a bit simpler. Fumigate blasts the board like many other Wraths, and gains you some life for everything it destroys- but what, specifically, does that mean? It has to actually destroy a creature to gain you some life (so it won’t gain you any life for the Amonkhet gods, since they’re Indestructible), but that creature doesn’t have to end up in the graveyard! “Destroy” and “die” are actually two different things, they just happen in succession; usually when you destroy something, it dies, because it goes to the graveyard. But in the case of something like good old Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, the creature in question gets destroyed, and then exiled. It was still destroyed, though, so Fumigate sees that and gains you the life anyway! If you Fumigate your opponent’s board of 10 creatures while you control a Kalitas, you’ll destroy everything, gain 11 life (10 from their creatures being destroyed, one from your Kalitas), and make 10 2/2 Zombies ready to take advantage of that freshly cleared field. Good times!

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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