Threatened Exertion

Welcome back to the Rules Blog! Today we’ll be covering the interaction between Threaten effects (such as Limits of Solidarity or Kari Zev’s Expertise) and Exert. As you may know, many creatures in Amokhet can be Exerted as you attack with them, which makes it so they won’t untap normally next turn, but in exchange get some kind of boost or effect. But how does that work with Threaten effects, when you steal your opponent’s Glorybringer and Exert it? Will it be locked down during their turn? Hilariously, it will not! Formally, what happens when you Exert a creature is you choose to have that creature not untap during your next untap step. When your turn and your Threaten effect end and hand the creature back, that’s no longer relevant; the effect was that YOU wouldn’t untap it during YOUR next untap step, but that doesn’t stop something else from untapping it (whether that be an effect like Djeru’s Resolve or, in this case, your opponent’s own untap step). So feel free to Exert the creature you temporarily stole (for value!), but be aware that it’ll untap for your opponent as normal!

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