Chance for Glory: At the End of Which Turn?

Welcome back, everybody! I hope you’ve had a good break- we certainly have here at the Rules Tip Blog (or at least I have, and I’m sure the editor will correct me if they haven’t). In any case, another year is coming to a close, so as we look to starting a new year, let’s take a look at starting new turns!

Chance For Glory is a strange card. For the low, low cost of 1RW you make all your creatures indestructible indefinitely, at instant speed, and get to take another turn! Just one small downside- when that turn ends, you lose the game. As the kids say, oof.

So, at least that’s fairly simple. At the end of the extra turn created by Chance for Glory, you lose. Question is, which turn is it Chance created? If you, for example, cast Nexus of Fate and then Chance For Glory in the same turn, do you lose at the start of the first extra turn or the second?

Fortunately, this is easily determined: the most recently created extra turn is the one that’s taken first. Put another way, it’s like the stack. Every time you cast a spell that gives you an extra turn, you put that extra turn on the “top” of the “turn stack”, and every time a new turn starts, you take the top turn of the turn stack. So, if you cast Nexus of Fate, then after it resolves cast a Chance for Glory, Chance will have resolved second, meaning its extra turn will happen first and you will lose the game at the end of that first extra turn. Fortunately, if you cast Chance, then Nexus, not only will you survive your first extra turn, if you cast extra Nexuses of Fate during that first extra turn you’ll put off the chance for glory turn even longer! The “you lose” trigger will only fire during the turn that Chance created, specifically, not just ‘your next turn’.

This is the case when different people create turns as well- if both you and your opponent cast Nexus of Fate in the same turn, for example, then whoever’s nexus was last to resolve would take their extra turn first, then the other player, then return to regular turn order.

And with that, we wish you many happy new turns and a happy new year! See you in 2019!

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Alistair Crook

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