How Soulbond and Moonsilver Spear’s angel interact.

Soulbond is one of the coolest mechanics we’ve seen in a long time. Any ability or instant spell that puts creatures onto the battlefield is now a powerful combat trick. There are even some triggered abilities that can take advantage of the soulbond goodness, such as the ones on Geist of Saint Traft and Moonsilver Spear.

Let’s say that you control an unpaired Wolfir Silverheart equipped with a Moonsilver Spear. When you attack with the equipped Wolf, Moonsilver Spear’s ability will trigger, putting a 4/4 Angel with Flying onto the battlefield. When that happens, Wolfir Silverheart’s soulbond ability will also trigger in the midst of the declare attackers step, allowing you to pair it with the Angel token and giving both a +4/+4 bonus before blockers are assigned. Awesome, huh?

What if we pair our unpaired Wolfir Silverheart with the attacking 4/4 Angel created by Geist of Saint Traft? You attacked with a 2/2 Geist and a 4/4 Wolf, but your opponent has to deal with a 2/2 Geist, an 8/8 Angel and an 8/8 Wolf. Now that’s unfair!

Today’s Rules Tip written by
Jorge Pinto, Level 1 judge from Santiago, Chile

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