You can pair a Phantasmal Image via Soulbond without sacrificing it.

So, Phantasmal Image seems like it’d be fun with Soulbond, right? Copy their best guy for 2 mana, and on top of that you get to give it Flying, or Deathtouch, or other assorted goodness. Some of you may be thinking the Image would die in this situation, since Soulbond targeted it… but you would be incorrect.

Soulbond doesn’t target anything; you cast Image, it resolves, and triggers your Wolfir Silverheart [or if you Image’d something with Soulbond, the Image itself triggers]. You pair it with another unpaired creature, and both of them reap the benefits, no targeting involved, so your Image’s fragile trigger doesn’t go off. Have fun pairing a Wolfir Silverheart to a Wolfir Image-Heart and swinging for 12 this turn (and 24 the next turn!)

Today’s Rules Tip written by
Trevor Nuñez, Level 1 judge from Roswell, NM

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