Detention Sphere can exile your opponent’s hexproof creature if you target your own.

More fun with Detention Sphere! As you may already know, Detention Sphere only has one target. Thanks to that, you can get it to exile things it can’t target, by targeting something it shares a name with. For example, if your opponent has a Hellrider that has gained hexproof for some reason, and one that does not, you can target the non-hexproof Hellrider and still exile the hexproof one.

But for extra trickiness: all of the permanents don’t need to be controlled by one player. If your opponent has a few Invisible Stalkers staring you down (or maybe one with 5 or 15 +1/+1 counters on it), and you have an Invisible Stalker of your own, you can aim a Detention Sphere at your own Stalker to exile his as well! The reason for that is that Sphere says to exile ALL nonland permanents that share a name with the target, not just ones controlled by the controller of the original target.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nuñez

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