How to combine multiple DCI numbers.

Let’s say that, over the years, you’ve received a few different DCI numbers. Maybe you forgot your number at a tournament and the tournament organizer issued you a new number. Or maybe you played in a tournament years ago and you recently came back and didn’t know you had an old DCI number. And now that you know you have all of these old numbers, you want to combine them under one number (and you should want to, because the tournament rules state that a player may not have more than one DCI number!). What do you do?

Well, it’s quite easy. Wizards has set up a site on the Planeswalker Points site that will let you do just that! Just fill out the required fields and list the DCI numbers that you know. It’ll even let you pick which DCI number you’ve been issued to become your preferred DCI number. And even if you don’t know the number, you can use the last box and list e-mail addresses or tournaments you’ve been in and they’ll be able to find numbers associated with that information. Then just wait about four to six weeks, and you’ll have all of your old numbers combined under one number (usually even faster than that!).

Pro Tip: Modern DCI numbers are 10 digits, which is the exact same length as a US or Canadian phone number. If you have a habit of forgetting your DCI number, go into your phone and add a contact named “DCI” with the phone number being your DCI number. Then you’ll always have it handy!

P.S. This also makes the lives of tournament personnel a lot easier when they don’t have to spend extra time for every person who can’t remember their DCI number!

Today’s Tournament Tip written by Nathan Long

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