Ensoul Artifact – Learn All About It!

Making a 5/5 flyer or 5/5 indestructible creature on turn two brightens my soul. Both options are possible with Ensoul Artifact. Ensoul Artifact works by setting the base power and toughness of any artifact to 5/5 and, if it isn’t already, makes it a creature. The best part about this transformation is that it does not affect the card’s text- meaning if it’s a flyer before the Aura resolves it remains a flyer (same with indestructible and so on). See that 0/2 Ornithopter? Now you’ve got a 5/5 Super-Ornithopter bashing in for a quarter of your opponent’s life. As you may have noticed the creature did not become a 5/7, its original power and toughness do not stay or add to the Ensoul Artifact’s changes. The artifact also maintains its types- Darksteel Citadel becomes a 5/5 indestructible artifact creature land. There is more to this beastly enchantment:
Only have a Flesh to Dust and Ensoul Artifact (EA) but need to wipe out your opponent’s Chain Veil? Lucky for you, EA makes it a creature and Flesh to Dust destroys creatures.
You might not want to EA your own Equipment as it can no longer be or become attached after becoming a creature. In some situations enchanting your opponent’s Equipment (like Godsend) might come in handy. Sure, they get a 5/5 but that can be a whole lot less scary than an equipped creature. The Equipment’s buffs and abilities do not become the creature’s buffs and abilities. They are now essentially dead text as long as EA is enchanting it. The Equipment is now a vanilla 5/5.
What happens when you EA an Elixir of Immortality and then use its ability? Ultimately you’ll end up with a lonely EA in the graveyard since the Elixir shuffles itself as part of its ability. Once the ability resolves and the Elixir is shuffled, state-based actions are checked. At this point EA is no longer attached to anything and is placed in the graveyard.
So much fun to be had with this little uncommon enchantment! Use it wisely and know your rules to get the most out of your cards!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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