Courser of Kruphix and Drawing Multiple Cards

So, we’ve covered a couple of situations where YOU know what the top few cards of your library are, but your opponent doesn’t, even with Courser of Kruphix on board. Today, we’re covering a situation where Courser makes information a little more symmetrical- drawing many cards! With Scry and Dig Through Time and things like that, your top card only actually changed once, when the effect was done. There was a top card BEFORE you started, and a top card AFTER- no inbetween. That’s not so with drawing a ton of cards, though. To the game, “Draw 5 cards” isn’t actually one event. It’s the event “Draw a card”, repeated five times. Each time you draw, the top card of your library is now a different card and you need to reveal it. So, say you jam a Treasure Cruise after combat. Your opponent will know all 3 cards you draw, because they’ll have to be revealed by Courser as the top card of your library before you can draw them! Remember to reveal each ‘new’ top card between draws, or you’ll get some penalties, and that’s no fun.

Have a safe and happy Halloween from all of us at the Rules Tip Blog! See you on Monday.

Today’s Rules Tip written by Trevor Nunez

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