You can’t see face-down creature spells with Lens of Clarity.

Lens of Clarity is some interesting tech with an ability we have seen previously in Magic. It provides you with some information about your opponent’s face-down creatures and your next draw, but what does this mean?

Unfortunately for you control players, it does not allow you to see any face-down spells; only creatures that are already on the battlefield. Meaning, if you’re countering a morph spell, you’ll have to do so blindly. Lens of Clarity does not prevent your opponent from looking at their own face-down creatures or prevent you from looking at your own face-down creatures. Once resolved on the battlefield, its ability does not use the stack so you can look at face down creatures and the top card of your library any time you could look at your hand (which is always without warning or using the stack). As a courtesy you want to inform your opponent before you reach over and flip your opponents card. Hopefully you have gained some clarity today! See you next time!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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