How Spell mastery works.

Welcome back! Today we’re chugging right along with Spell Mastery, Origins newest ability word. Spell Mastery is just like the italicized words that have come before it, in that it doesn’t mean anything in the game. The Italicized ability word just gives you a neat way of grouping abilities that do similar things or trigger in similar ways. In this case, Spell Mastery, only cares that there are 2 or more instant and/or sorcery cards in your graveyard. After that, each “Spell Mastery” preceded ability will do something different.

Since a spell with Spell Mastery is on the stack when it checks to see if its extra ability applies, it will not count towards the two that are required. Spell Mastery cards will either replace part of a cards text or give the card an additional ability.

Also, since a spell with spell mastery checks for the condition as it resolves, it’s possible to remove cards from the graveyard in response to “turn off” spell mastery before the spell resolves, thus reducing its potency.

Remember, each card with the spell mastery ability is different so make sure you read your card and you should be good to go!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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