Test your Prowess (now with extra evergreen!)

Here to conclude the week of our newest set is a fairly recent ability, Prowess. Just like Scry, Prowess is another freshly made “Evergreen” ability. It hasn’t taken long for this ability to go permanent, as it just debuted last year with the Khans block.

Prowess is an incredibly potent ability that can get out-of-hand quickly. Each instance of Prowess on a creature triggers independently. This means that for every non-creature spell you cast, each instance of Prowess will trigger. Prowess only cares that a spell was cast; it doesn’t care if the spell resolves. As a triggered ability, it will resolve before the spell that triggered it. When the ability checks to see if a spell you cast will trigger it, it only has one requirement: it has to be a non-creature spell. Artifact creatures and enchantment creatures will not cause Prowess to trigger. Lands will also not cause it to trigger, but I am sure you already knew that Lands were never “cast” or considered “spells.”

Also remember that prowess triggers can stack up, and they are bonuses that go on top of base power and toughness. If you cast Turn to Frog on a creature that has already had 3 prowess triggers go on the stack this turn, it will end up as a 4/4 Frog (1/1 base with +3/+3)! So keep that in mind next time you think you’re going to shrink a prowess creature.

Hope you learned something new! See you next week!

Today’s Rules Tip written by Daniel Clarke

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