Kalitas Week: Kalitas and Board Wipes

Welcome to Day Four of Kalitas Week! Today we’re covering a pretty simple one rules-wise: How Kalitas interacts with a board-wipe like End Hostilities or Planar Outburst. The core question people have in this situation is “do I get zombies? Do they come in and then die too, or do I just not get any?”. The answer is: yes, you get Zombies, and no they don’t die! The reason you GET the zombies is because a replacement effect (like Kalitas) has to exist immediately before the event it wants to replace (this is why Clone can’t copy things that are coming in alongside it- they aren’t on the board at the time the replacement effect is wanting to apply), and Kalitas is on board immediately before everything dies. That replacement effect will “see” all your opponent’s nontoken creatures trying to die, and exile them instead, giving you a hot mess of Zombies! The reason you KEEP those Zombies is simple, too- a wrath spell like End Hostilities just does one big destroy event, and that’s it. It doesn’t keep destroying things over and over until nothing new dies. So, if your opponent has 4 nontoken creatures on board and you decide to wipe them out, Kalitas will rebuild your field with 4 zombies, even though he dies in the process. How thoughtful!

Today’s Kalitas Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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